Maternity care and aftercare

The delivery is finished! All the hard work paid off: you have become parents, congratulations! Time to celebrate, but also time to rest, recover, getting to know your child and to get used to your new life with a little daughter or son.

A lot of new things are spun at you during maternity care: valuable moments with your newborn, but also new emotions and new tasks. It is possible that you may experience physical complaints.

After the childbirth there is maternity care, which will come by every day for a few hours. The services include:

  • Check-ups for the mother.
  • Check-ups for the child.
  • Advice and help for breastfeeding.
  • Small domestic chores.

Maternity care is part of the basic insurance policy, however the number of hours of care per day depends on the type of insurance package you have. Often you are charged to make your own contribution of four euros per hour.

One of the midwives from Femme-Amsterdam will come by during your childbed. We visit every two or three days to check if everything is allright and to chat. We check the aftercare of both mother and child and discuss the process of breastfeeding. On day 8 after the birth we will visit you for the last time. The maternity care, present until the 8th day after the birth, is the eyes and ears of the midwife. She contacts us if necessary.

Furthermore the midwife is always available for questions, should maternity care not be around at that moment. Always contact us if:

  • The mother has fever.
  • The mother is experiencing blood loss.
  • The child has fever (above 37,5 C or under 36,5C).
  • The child refuses to drink.
  • The child seems drowsy and has a yellow complexion.

In the second and fourth week after the birth we will contact you by phone to check up on you. This conversation allows for any questions you may have. After four weeks we ask if you wish to make use of a final check-up, which takes place six weeks after your delivery. Hopefully this can be with the midwife who was present at that time.

During the aftercare we will discuss your pregnancy, the delivery and maternity care. We will also cover your physical recovery and your status at the time of the check-up. Contraception is also discussed. Please note down any questions you may have beforehand so that you do not forget these!

The aftercare is aimed at you, considering the consultation office checks your child. If you have any questions about your child or nutrition, for example, you may always ask us. We love it if you bring your child to the aftercare.

We would like to hear your thoughts on our care during the check-up. Of course we enjoy hearing appreciative comments, but we would also like to know about our points for improvement! This enables us to better our services.

If your care was transferred t a gynaecologist during your pregnancy but you would still like to do the aftercare at Femme, then this is possible.