Ultrasounds during pregnancy

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Ultrasounds during pregnancy

Throughout your pregnancy, we will conduct regular ultrasound examinations. While you and your partner enjoy the view of your baby, the sonographer will assess your baby’s growth, development and position. We will also monitor the physical contours and organ structure.

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Ultrasound schedule
Viability scan around week 7 or 8

An early ultrasound, also known as a viability scan, is conducted around the 7th or 8th week of your pregnancy. During the scan our midwife will check for a heartbeat and determine whether the fertilised egg implanted correctly (not an ectopic pregnancy). We will also check whether you are pregnant with multiples. The early ultrasound is an internal, vaginal ultrasound which is why we recommend emptying the bladder before beginning.
Duration: 20 min
Costs: This ultrasound is included in our Basis+ and Premium packages. An individual early ultrasound costs € 50. (There may be a clear medical reason for conducting an early ultrasound. If this is the case, the ultrasound will be covered by your insurance provider)

Due date scan around week 10

During the due date scan, we will measure the length of your baby and determine your due date. We will listen to the heartbeat and look at the body contours such as the hand and feet.
Duration: 20 minutes.
Costs: This ultrasound is covered by your insurance provider.

Early structure and gender determination scan around week 14

Can’t wait to find out your baby’s gender? From week 13/14 and onward, your little one is fully formed which means we can take a good at the growth of the baby including gender. If we see some physical abnormalities we will also tell you.
Duration: 20 minutes
Costs: This ultrasound is included in our Basis+ and Premium packages. An individual gender determination ultrasound costs € 50.

19-week ultrasound week 19 of 20

The 20-week ultrasound is used to monitor the health of your baby. This ultrasound is also referred to as the Morphology Scan. During the scan, we will take a thorough look at the development of the organs and identify any structural disorders from head till too, such as anencephaly (open skull), a cleft lip, spina bifida, heart defects, other organs abnormalities and clubfoot. We also measure your baby’s head, belly and upper leg. This gives a predicted value about the size and weight of the baby.
Duration: 40 to 50 minutes
Costs: This ultrasound is covered by your insurance provider.

Growth ultrasounds from 24 weeks from week 24

If your baby is experiencing accelerated or delayed growth, we recommend a growth ultrasound starting at 24 weeks’ gestation. During a growth ultrasound, we will measure the size of your baby’s head, abdomen and legs. These values are entered into a graph. We will repeat the scan every two weeks to accurately monitor the growth of your baby. We will also monitor the amount of amniotic fluid present.
Duration: 20 minutes
Costs: All growth ultrasounds are included in our Basis+ and Premium packages. An individual growth ultrasound costs € 50. Your baby is around 27 cm and weighs 600 grams.

Elective ‘sneak peek’ ultrasound in colour (3D/4D ultrasound + HD Live) from week 24

Starting at around 24 weeks, we can conduct an elective full-colour ultrasound. This scan allows you to take a good look at your baby in perspective and in colour. The 3D ultrasound consists of multiple 2D images. A 4D ultrasound is a moving 3D.
Duration: 20 to 30 minutes
Costs: The elective ‘sneak peek’ full-colour ultrasound is included in our Basis+ and Premium packages. An individual elective scan costs € 110.

31 weeks ultrasound week 31

Your baby is around 35 cm and weighs 1700 grams. Je kindje is nu gemiddeld 35 cm en weegt 1700 gram. Besides checking the growth of your baby and the amniotic fluid, we also check if your placenta is far enough of the exit.

33 weeks ultrasound week 33

Your baby is now 38 cm and weighs 2100 grams

35 weeks ultrasound week 35

Your baby is now 41 cm and weighs 2500 grams. At this ultrasound we look very carefully at how your baby is lies in your belly. 95% of all baby's already lies with the head down.

37 weeks ultrasound week 37

Your baby is now 44 cm and weighs 2900 grams.

38 weeks ultrasound week 38

Your baby is now 47 cm and weighs 3100 grams.

39 weeks ultrasound week 39

Your baby is now 49 cm and weighs 3300 grams.

40 weeks ultrasound week 40

Your baby is now 51 cm and weighs 3500 grams.

41 weeks ultrasound week 41

Your baby is now 54 cm and weighs 3800 grams.


An ultrasound is made using ultrasonic sound waves. These sound waves pass through your abdomen and bounce off the fetus providing body tissue an image on the ultrasound screen. 

Ultrasounds are not mandatory, but they do provide important information about the health of your baby.

Ultrasounds have been used in the medical world for many years and are not harmful to the mother or baby.

You can schedule your first ultrasound when you are about 6 or 7 weeks pregnant. This ultrasound is not covered by your insurance without a referral but is included in our package.

Having multiple ultrasound scans during your pregnancy allows our midwives to monitor the growth of your baby. A potential growth deceleration can be detected. External examinations (feeling the abdomen) only detect slow fetal growth in approximately 50% of cases.

No, an ultrasound exam cannot cause a miscarriage.

An ultrasound cannot detect mental or genetic disorders. The chance of discovering physical congenital abnormalities depends on the specific disorder. Research shows that there is a 90% chance of identifying spina bifida and approximately 25-50% for heart defects depending on severity. The bigger the baby gets the easier disorders are detected,

For ultrasounds via the abdomen, a full bladder lifts the uterus up somewhat and is conducive for the sound waves. This improves the images.
For a vaginal ultrasound (less than 10 weeks), we recommend emptying the bladder prior to the examination. In this case, a full bladder gets in the way.

For the best image, we recommend conducting these elective ‘sneak peek’ ultrasounds between 26 and 30 weeks. Your baby will already have a cute layer of fat and has plenty of amniotic fluid. As you move closer to 40 weeks, it becomes more challenging to get a good view of your growing baby, but we still can give it a try.

No, your baby is not affected by ultrasound imaging. Babies cannot hear the ultrasound waves.

Yes, that is fine. Do ensure that the oil is well absorbed before the ultrasound begins. Unabsorbed oil prevents the sound waves from effectively penetrating the abdomen resulting in a blurred image.

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