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"The best experience you can get in the Netherlands during your pregnancy. I found femme midwives in the middle of my pregnancy when I was looking for something closer to the greek culture and treatment , since I was very nervous and disappointed from the Dutch pregnancy culture. Although at the end I gave birth with the c-section , femme midwives were checking how i was even when I went home . They were also very supportive and helpful when I had difficulties with the breastfeeding. I strongly recommend them especially to expat women!!!" - Evi Karatz

"Beautiful ladies and wonderful warm service. I gave birth to my daughter 2 years ago and will always have fond memories of Femme and my birth experience. The extra cost is well worth it. I met all the midwives during my pregnancy and they always took the time with me and I never felt like they were busy. They also offered extra services that I even used after my pregnancy such as Nutritionist and Acupuncturist. And referred me to an amazing Kraamzorg. I ended up having an unexpected Dutch home birth and because of a shift change I was fortunate to have 2 midwives at my home during the birth. As well for the week after the birth they either called me or came to visit every day. As a first time mom and expat who had no clue about the birth system in the Netherlands, Femme made everything easy and I felt very fortunate to be in their care." – Terry Tu

"We had our first child this year in Amsterdam and we found it super comforting to be supported by Femme Amsterdam : all the midwives and colleagues of this practice are very kind, competent, and dedicated to you, and also to your husband, so that you feel supported all along your pregnancy. They were always very professional, checking carefully my health and the baby's growing up process. They also provided us with good pieces of advice (ie. about breast feeding and including a physiotherapist for my back pain). Finally, I have to say that I had to deliver at home (it was not planned at all, but my baby came super fast, so no time to go to the hospital) and it was such a relief to be assisted by Femme Amsterdam during and after my delivery. If we have our second child here in Amsterdam, i will definitely go back to Femme Amsterdam!" – Emilie


"As a US expat, I was very nervous about having my first child in the Netherlands. I knew the care would be different than what I knew of in the states, but Femme made the transition easy. The extra services they provide made it similar to what I was familiar with, and I felt comfortable and in good hands throughout my pregnancy. If I had any concerns, I could call and speak with a midwife who quickly answered my question. When there were any medical concerns, extra tests were done and once I was referred to the hospital for an extra ultrasound just in case. The English information sessions for birth and breastfeeding were so helpful. I also got acupuncture done before the birth (part of the package), which was very relaxing, and a voucher for a free pregnancy massage (it was so good I went several more times!). My water broke early and labor did not start for 24 hours so ultimately the birth was handled by the hospital, but the midwives checked on me before and after the birth, as well as later the next week.

From what I've heard and experienced first hand, Femme is the best midwife practice in Amsterdam, and especially for expats like myself." – Melissa Casias

"Amazing, professional and lovely midwifes! Coming from abroad and from a different system Femme Amsterdam made me feel super confortable and gave me an amazing care! I recommend them!" – Chanel Lepinoy


"Great team! I had a great experience with Feme midwives. They are professional and respectful with the type of birth that you would like to have. They are aware that 3 scans during pregnancy are not enough, so they offer an additional scan packages (out of pocket) but it is totally worth it. They do perform the scans in the same consultation so no hassle on going to a different place for scans. Definitely I recommend them."- Memen Escano


"Signed up with Femme Midwives half way through my pregnancy. Must admit, I went in skeptical of the system and thinking that I would prefer the hospital. How wrong was I ... couldn't have asked for a better , supprtive and informed experience. All midwives with Femme were very professional, supportive and personable." – Ana Maria

"Wonderful team, professional and very supportive, made me feel comfortable during pregnancy and during birth. thanks a lot!" – Elena P


"It has been a great experience for me! I'm Italian so I was a little bit sceptical at the beginning because in Italy when you are pregnant the Gynecologist takes care of you. They are really kind, always ready to help at to give you support in every moment. With them I felt confortable and safe expecially during delivery time. They suggest very nice activities during pregnancy in their practice such as acupuncture and workshops to discuss breastfeeding and delivery, ecc. I really raccomand them with any esitation. They are great!" – Maria Barbieri


"Very positive experience at Femme Amsterdam, all team members were friendly and helpful." – Cristina Annoni

"Wonderful place, it's a bit expensive but I found it worth the money. Would definitely recommend!" – Josine Hamming


"Very nice professional atmosphere here. The ladies who work here are so friendly and so kind. It feels unusually friendly for a health institution. It could be because it's a private one (not state financed). Anyway I highly recommend it. You won't regret it." - Altin


"I had a super experience at Femme- Amsterdam during my firt pregnancy. Couldn't think of a better care through my pregnancy and delivery. Very caring, comforting and professional midwives. It was an honor to be part of the Femme Family." - Maria Tadevosian


"Very comforting approach to pregnancy, staying on top of all developments of the baby and keeping the parents-to-be well informed and secure. Specially nice practice for expats or international couples but lots of dutch moms-to-be seem to really enjoy and appreciate this innovative approach from Femme as well." - Denise da Silva


"I have received very good care from the ladies at Femme! They are knowledgeable, attentive and friendly. You can call them anytime and they really make sure that you and your baby get all the care necessary. Would definitely recommend their service." – Fleur Claessens

"The guidance, help and atmosphere at Femme Amsterdam made me really enjoy my first pregnancy!! I was super relaxed the whole time and also during labour I felt the best support I could wish for!" – M GB


"The friendly and professional guidance Femme offered during my pregnancy made this special time so much more special. Thanks for everything!" – Annemarie Galjart

"I had great experience with Femme. All midwifes were professional and always ready to assist with help or information whenever needed. They were responsive via phone, email or face to face whenever advise was necessary. Lovely facilities as well. Especially handy, the scans are done in the practice, so no additional travelling to other places for scans is needed." - Izabela Heck

"Couldn't think of a better care through my pregnancy and delivery. Everything was perfect from A to Z. Best caring, soft and expert midwives. Merci." - Timothée Mirabaud


"Very human, cordial, patient and attentive staff. Wonderful pleasant waiting room. They helped me out when I was in a despair situation both medically and psychologically. Thanks!" - Nina Byelikova


"Great team, very professional. Professioneel en leuk team van verloskundige! Zeer goed geholpen zowel in het Engels als in het Nederlands." – Casper Berg

"Great experience with femme , amazing team of midwifes, I had constant support from the beginning till the and. As an expat in Amsterdam I was very happy to have such a nice team , no question was silly to them ... which was very important for a person like me who was not at home for the firs pregnancy ... highly reccomended." - Arianna Ramondino

"Excelent team! They were all super responsive and caring during my entire pregnancy, and cannot think about someone better than Floor for helping with the natural birth of my son. She had such a great energy, was very calm and made things really easy. I Highly recommend Femme Amsterdam!" - Manuela Argaña


"I absolutely loved all of the care at Femme! As a US expat expecting my first child I found all of the staff to be so accommodating and knowledgable. I highly recommend Daniella for acupuncture! Jennifer, the office coordinator, was amazingly helpful and went above and beyond in making us feel taken care of in uncertain times at the beginning of my pregnancy. In my delivery I encountered many obstacles but Floor and Tessel were by my side and helped me deliver my healthy baby boy!" - Laura Van Der Wende

"So happy that I found Femme Amsterdam! During the entire pregnancy the Femme team was of great help !! they were supportive, even during uncertain times, very responsible and took care with a lot of effort ! I really appreciated the personal but professional ambience. I would absolutely recommend the Femme Team, as I did trust each of the lovely Verloskundige from the very beginning!" – Nora Mertes


"We had a great experience with Femme. I would highly recommend them. As a US expat pregnant with my second baby I was nervous about how different maternity and delivery care is here than in the states but I was very surprised and pleased with the level of care I received from everyone in the practice. They are all very knowledgeable, capable and caring and helped me to deliver a healthy baby boy." – Adhar Johnson


"A great modern midwifery where all the women working there know what they're talking about. I had a beautiful and natural home birh guided by one of the midwives Eveline. It would't have felt so safe and special if she wasn't there for us. They gave me a lot of confidence during my pregnancy and the great thing is that some of the girls can do the ultrasounds themselves and because they have modern appliances you can have a 3d echo if you want and you'll keep track of the growth of your baby in the best possible way." – Nina Pierson


"Great experience at Femme Amsterdam. Staff is very friendly and competent. The access to services such as an acupuncturist, a nutritionist, information sessions on breastfeeding, ect in the same location is very nice. I gave birth to a premature baby and they managed the emergency very well!" – Chris Gibbons

"I could not recommend Femme highly enough. They are friendly and professional. Judith is a magician with the ultrasound. At 20 weeks, my care was transferred to the hospital as my son had an abnormality in his kidney. But Femme kept checking up on us to make sure we were doing ok. Because they could not be at the hospital birth, they recommended an amazing doula. And then after the birth, they called and visited to check on our health. Especially as an expat dealing with an unfamiliar medical system, I feel very fortunate and grateful that they were there for us." – Kristen Ge


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