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We are Femme Amsterdam

We are Femme Amsterdam, a professional team of midwives and sonographers with a modern view on midwifery. We support women and their partners before and during pregnancy, delivery and the postpartum period.

“We believe that intensive support and involvement during the growth of your baby contribute to a relaxed and pleasant pregnancy.”

Our vision

In 2014 Judith de Jong opened the doors to Femme Amsterdam midwifery practice. The wish of Femme? To offer expectant parents more. Good care, that truly fulfills your personal needs. Standard midwifery care often falls short for such an important and significant experience. This is why we developed two unique packages to complement our vision: support expectant parents to the very best of our ability during and after pregnancy.

What makes us unique

Our innovative approach sets us apart from the rest. Our standard service includes additional ultrasounds so that we can carefully monitor the development of your baby. We work closely with a team of specialists including an acupuncturist, pelvic floor physiotherapist, masseuse, psychologist and nutritionist. There are also various information evenings held addressing birth, breastfeeding, nutrition and baby behaviour. We offer the full spectrum of care, including blood work and prenatal screening, all at the same address. Your pregnancy is one of the most important and treasured experiences in your life. We want to ensure that you are able to enjoy each moment of this special time and look back on it positively.

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Modern equipment

In our practice, we use the most advanced ultrasound technology available: the Voluson E10 and E6. This equipment creates incredible images. In both 2D and 3D/4D and with a unique live function. Enjoy realistic, moving footage of your growing baby.

Modern equipment

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