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Hoping to conceive? At Femme Amsterdam, you are also welcome before you get two pink lines or a smiley on your test. We provide knowledgeable advice during a preconception consultation. Each body is unique. Just like your lifestyle and eating pattern. We can also conduct various tests and provide a selection of treatments.

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Uterine and ovarian ultrasound

If you are hoping to conceive, it may be useful to take a look in and around your uterus. We can gain a good impression of the uterus, endometrium and the ovaries (including eggs). Using the ultrasound, we will scan for any fibroids or polyps. If any irregularities are detected, we will refer you to a gynaecologist. An ultrasound of your uterus and ovaries is not covered by insurance. The ultrasound costs € 50.

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Echo baarmoeder + eierstokken


Is conception and pregnancy not coming as naturally as you hoped? If you’re struggling with fertility without an underlying medical condition, a consultation with our osteopath may help. The osteopath looks at your body as a single entity and knows which body tissues are connected and may be able to identify the potential cause and bring your body back into balance. Often the cause is in the last place you would think to look. Also when you suffer back or pelvic pain already before the pregnancy it's highly recommended to do a pre pregnancy check with an osteopath.

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Identifying risks

Are you planning to start a family and wondering which risks apply to you? Conduct the ZwangerWijzer questionnaire (Dutch only). The test takes 15 minutes ( and provides information concerning the potential risks as well as handy tips about your health and diet. 

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