IUD placement

afbeelding koperpiraat

IUD placement

You can come to Femme Amsterdam for the placement of an intrauterine device (IUD). However, no IUD's can be placed or removed due to the Corona virus until at least the beginning of June 2020. We can also use ultrasound imaging to ensure that it is correctly placed. IUDs are a reliable form of contraceptive and an excellent option for nursing mothers. Women who have been pregnant are also welcome. There are two types of IUDs available: the hormonal IUD and a hormone-free option, the copper IUD. 

Make an appointment --> not possible to make an appointment till at least the beginning of June 2020

IUD placement FAQs

Costs of having an IUD placed are not (yet) covered within every standard health insurance package and you are required to pay upfront and declare the invoice. We accept debit cards. You will receive an official invoice which you can then submit to your insurance provider. If you would like to confirm whether placement is covered under your insurance, we advise you to contact your insurance provider directly.

  • IUD placement - € 63.53 (2019) (excl. IUD)
  • IUD exchange - € 63.53 (2019) (excl. IUD)
  • Placement attempt - € 20
  • IUD removal - € 25
  • Removal attempt - € 10
  • Contraception consultation - € 50
  • Verification ultrasound - € 50

A € 50 fee applies for appointments cancelled less than 24 hours in advance and missed appointments. 

With the hormonal IUD you can have some spotting the first six months. With the copper IUD you will have your regular period which can increase.

A digital prescription is issued for the IUD of your choice. As the process is digital, we require your permission to link the files of the issuing pharmacy and your own pharmacy. 

You will then receive an invoice per email with an Ideal payment link. You may then submit the invoice to your insurance provider. 

We will receive the correct IUD via post. We do not have any IUDs on location, these must always be ordered! 

If you do not have an STI and are not pregnant. Not sure? Conduct an STI or pregnancy test in advance. 

Some professionals advise placing the IUD within 7 days of the first day of menstruation. This facilitates the insertion somewhat but is not obligatory. This does confirm that you are not pregnant and provides direct protection against unwanted pregnancy. If the IUD is not inserted within these 7 days, you will require additional protection during the first week (such as a condom). 

We place IUDs starting from at least 10 weeks after the birth, and at least 12 weeks after a caesarean birth. Within our practice, Soraya conducts IUD placements. She is a physician and sonographer. 

After inserting the IUD, confirmation will be sent to your family physician with the date and brand of IUD placed. 

After approximately 6 weeks, we will schedule an appointment to examine the strings. If you have scheduled an ultrasound, this appointment is no longer required. 


You may elect to have an ultrasound conducted. This is at your own expense and can be scheduled around 6 weeks after insertion of the IUD. You may schedule an appointment with the assistant. 

Yes, you can also come to our practice to have your IUD removed.


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