Fun ultrasounds by Femme Amsterdam

Fun ultrasounds by Femme Amsterdam

Elective ‘sneak peek’ ultrasounds

Even if you are not a client with us, you can have an fun ultrasound made in our practice in Amsterdam. However, due to the Corona virus, fun ultrasounds (sex and 3D ultrasounds) cannot be performed until at least the end of April.With every ultrasound we do a medical check-up with your child. Sometimes specific details are visible and need further examination. You can make an appointment by telephone or via our contact form.

2D, 3D and 4D ‘sneak peek’ ultrasounds

Up to 36 weeks, we will show your child in 2D (black and white). The body contours and organ structures of your child are clearly visible on this ultrasound. From ± 24 weeks you can also have 3D and even 4D echoes made (real-time moving images). Thanks to our advanced echo devices, the Voluson E10 and the E6, you can admire your child in perspective and in color.

Make an appointment for an (sneek peek) ultrasound here --> due to the Corona virus it's not possible to make appointments for fun ultrasounds till at least eind of april. 

Ultrasounds videos and photos

Afterwards we always give you a set of printed photos (in black and white). You will receive one color print photo of your choice from the most beautiful photo. We also send the photos to your phone or mail them to you. We can also put the material on a USB stick. (We charge € 5 for a USB stick.)

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2D 3D 4D pretecho

Growth ultrasounds from 24 weeks

From 24 weeks you can have a growth echo made every 2 weeks. We monitor if your baby is growing in a normal line. A suddenly increase of the growth can be caused by pregnancy diabetes and a decrease of the growth might be caused by placental problems. We will refer you in these situations to a gynecologist. During a growth ultrasound we will measure the size of your baby’s head, abdomen and legs. These values are entered into a graph. We will repeat the scan every two weeks to accurately monitor the growth of your baby. We will also monitor the amount of amniotic fluid present. We check the amount of amniotic fluid and the position of your baby.

Particularities: Do not go to the bathroom one hour before the ultrasound. A full bladder lifts your uterus a little, so that we can better visualize the gender.

Duration: 20 minutes

Costs: An individual growth ultrasound costs € 50. (All growth ultrasounds are included in our Basis+ and Premium packages.)

Growth ultrasounds from 24 weeks
Pretecho 3D 34 weken
3D Fun Ultrasound - 34 weeks


3D pretecho 36 weken
3D Fun Ultrasound - 36 weeks


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