We like to introduce ourselves!

Welcome to Femme-Amsterdam!

Femme-Amsterdam is a new and unique midwifery practice that counsels women from Amsterdam during pregnancy, childbirth, and maternity care.

The practice is run by our midwives – Judith de Jong, Eveline Geerdink , Karlijn Janssen, Floortje Rotsteege, Tessel de Man and Marliek Rutjes. – Judith and Eveline are also sonographers. They also cooperate with three other certified sonographers. This team offers professional counselling during your pregnancy, delivery and maternity care. With care and attention, both personal and professional.

However we also offer more than that, what our Extra Care is, is explained besight.

You are welcome for a first visit around 7-8 weeks of pregnancy. You will meet one of the midwifes who will do some check ups and explain you how the Dutch midwifery system works. You will also have an early scan to see how the pregnancy is developing.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with questions or doubts. Hope to see you soon on the Frans van Mierisstraat 50 A, on the corner of the van Baerlestraat.

Why Femme Amsterdam?

  • Personal care, we’ll take all the time you need, at least 30 minutes every consultation
  • During each consultation you will receive an ultrasound with the most advanced ultrasound equipment, the Voluson E6 (both medical and non-medical ultrasound 2D/3D/4D + HD live)
  • Blood tests at the practice
  • Evening and weekend consultations
  • Consultation(s) with a nutritional expert at the practice
  • Consultation(s) with a coach at the practice
  • Consultation(s) with an acupuncturist at the practice
  • Consultation(s) with a pelvic physiotherapist at the practice
  • Vast offering of informational evenings (Dutch/ English)
    • Information about childbirth, including additional information about bath delivery.
    • Information about breastfeeding and childbed
    • Information about nutrition, by our nutritionist
  • A pregnancy massage

Interested? Please contact us by phone at 020-723 17 57 or go directly to …

Interested? Please contact us by phone at 020-723 17 57 or go directly to …